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Terms of Reference


Healthy Community Network Terms of Reference




The Healthy Community Network will act as a link between Council and the citizens of Wasaga Beach and advise Council on matters relating to active and healthy living, the environment - natural, physical, social, economic - and the creation of a sustainable and healthy future for the town.




The Healthy Community Network shall make itself aware of the policies, procedures and decisions of Council which relate its mandate and ensure that its decisions and activities are consistent therewith unless previously endorsed by Council.


The Committee will:


·         Develop a full understanding of written/stated policies that Council and various governments and local agencies     currently have in place or are working on;


·         Assist Council in developing an understanding of current topics regarding healthy living, the environment and ecological systems within the Town;


·         Develop a "strategic goals and objectives outline" based on a "best practices" basis while considering the Town's Official Plan and projected development goals, which will be submitted to Council, through the Development Committee, for its approval on an annual basis;


·         Consider the enhancement of the Town's projected image and current trails system in concert with the Town's Parks and Facilities Department, the Ministry of Natural Resources, local Trails Clubs and the Trails of Georgian Bay Group;


·         Develop awareness campaigns in regard to a healthy environment, ecological system and lifestyle.


Delegated Authority


The Healthy Community Network is established as an advisory committee to Council and does not have any delegated authority.


The Healthy Community Network has no authority to direct staff and any advice requiring implementation, reports or staff actions must first be considered by the Development Committee, and/or Committee of the Whole and/or Council before any action by staff may be taken.


The Healthy Community Network has the ability to act on matters to carry out the mandate of the Committee, under the oversight of the Development Committee, using its discretion and judgment, which shall not significantly bind the Municipality.  Any information or action that significantly binds the Corporation will require Council's approval.


Committee Composition


Upon recommendation from the Mayor and with input provided by the Healthy Community Network Chair, Committee members will be appointed by Town Council.


Council may, by resolution as and when required in order to maintain the requisite number and composition of members on the Committee, select and appoint new members to the Committee for the duration of the term. 


The Committee will be composed of up to 19 voting members, as follows:


Members must have a demonstrated knowledge base on healthy living, the environment and ecological matters.  At least one member should be selected for his/her ability to bring a regional perspective to the Network's deliberations.


The Committee will be composed of:


10 adult members of the community at large, who are property owners/residents of Wasaga Beach, as voting members

Two (2) youth, grades 8 - 12, as voting members

One (1) member of Council as a voting member


Voting members - representatives from the following:

·         Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

·         Community Policing Committee

·         Environment Network

·         Wasaga Beach Accessibility Advisory Committee

·         Chamber of Commerce

·         Non Voting Member - representative from Wasaga Beach Ontario Parks Office

·         Planner, as liaison resource staff


Only members, appointed by Council, may vote on any issue.


The Mayor shall serve ex-officio as a voting member of the Committee.


Council may by resolution at any time and from time to time at its sole discretion to remove any member, voting or non-voting, from the Committee, as it deems advisable.


A Committee member may apply for a re-appointment for any number of consecutive or non-consecutive terms.


Resignations from the Committee must be in writing to the Committee Chair and Town Clerk.


The advertising of vacancies and appointments will be in accordance with the policies and practices adopted by Council from time to time.




The Healthy Community Network may establish subcommittees, as needed, to consider specific issues.  Subcommittees are not required to be approved through the Development Committee and/or Council.  Subcommittees are responsible for the preparation of their own agendas and minutes as required and making their own arrangements for meeting locations.  Only members of the Healthy Community Network may be members of any subcommittees.  Subcommittees must distribute a copy of its minutes to the Health Community Network and Development Committee.


Committee Positions & Roles


Chair: One member will chosen by majority vote of the Committee at the first meeting of each New Year to Chair the meetings and oversee the business of the Committee for that year.


Vice-Chair: A Vice-Chair for the same duration will chosen by majority vote of the Committee.  The role of Vice-Chair is that of Chair when assuming the role of Chair.


Secretary:  A secretary shall be appointed by a majority of the Committee membership.  The role of Secretary is to confirm the meeting date and location with the Planning Department, prepare the Agenda, take the minutes, and provide a copy of the minutes to the Planning Department and all Committee members.


Term of Office


The term of the members of the Committee shall be four years coinciding with the term of the Council that has made the appointment.




The Healthy Community Network will meet monthly, or as required, with the exception of the month of December, with the specific dates and times for meetings to be determined by the Committee at its October meeting each year, and provided to the Town Clerk.


The Committee will not meet during Council's recesses.  Additional meetings may be called by the Chair if there are urgent matters that need to be discussed.

Meetings shall not conflict with regular meetings of the Development Committee, Committee of the Whole and regular meetings of Council.


Committee members are expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings.  In the event that a member other than the Mayor is unable to attend a meeting, the member must contact the Chair in advance and advise him or her.  If a member other than the Mayor has been absent for three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings and has failed to advise the Chair in advance, the member shall be deemed to have abandoned his or her appointment and the position shall be considered vacant.



Further, Committee members are expected to:

·         arrive prepared and on time

·         provide input to meetings in advance if unable to attend

·         focus on the issues not personal feelings and/or positions

·         support decisions made by the Healthy Community Network through due process and communicate the Network's

·         position to the public if required

·         honour confidentiality




Quorum shall be a majority of the appointed members of the Healthy Community Network.  A quorum shall consist of 50% plus 1 of the voting members.




The Agenda of the Healthy Community Network shall contain the following items:


·         Call To Order

·         Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest

·         Minutes of Last Meeting

·         Deputations/Presentations

·         Unfinished Business

·         Sub-Committee Reports, if any

·         New Business

·         Items for Future Meetings

·         Date of Next Meeting

·         Adjournment




The Healthy Community Network shall be subject to the provision of the Town's Procedural By-Law to Govern the Proceedings of Council and its Committee, as amended, and shall adhere to Town policies and procedures.


Communication and Reporting


Unless otherwise directed by Council, the minutes of all Committee meetings will be presented to the Development Committee, monthly, for review.


For decisions of Council, the Committee shall provide advice, through a Staff Report by the Planning Department, to the Development Committee. 


The Chair of the Healthy Community Network shall keep the Development Committee apprised of its activities at periodic intervals throughout the year.


Should the Committee wish to be a delegation to the Development Committee, Committee of the Whole or Council, the request shall be made through the Clerk's Office. 


The Committee will submit an annual report at the beginning of each New Year outlining the Committee's accomplishments in the previous twelve months, and its work plan and projects for the coming year.  The report will be presented to the Development Committee no later than the last meeting of the current year.


Web presence is supported through the Network's website at www.wasagabeachhcn.com and a link on the Town's web site at www.townofwasagabeach.com, based on information provided by the Network and approved (where applicable) by the Planning Department.


Municipal Support


The Planning Department shall be the lead department and a senior member of the Planning Department the contact person for the Healthy Community Network and for general inquiries.


Requests for documentation, reports and support materials required by the Committee or outgoing correspondence will be directed to Planning Department. 


Committee's activities are supported through the Planning Department.


A member of the Town Planning Department as a liaison staff member must be present at all meetings of the Healthy Community Network.


Additional staff and/or representatives from special interest groups may be requested to attend meetings at the discretion of the Healthy Community Network.




Routine administrative costs associated with the work of the Committee will be allocated from the Committee's annual budget.

The annual budget for the Healthy Community Network will be the responsibility of the Manager of Planning and Development.  The Chair will work with the Planning Department to prepare the annual budget for Council's approval.  The budget will reflect the Committee's upcoming year's operating and capital needs, in keeping with budget directions and timelines.


Expenditures are approved by the Manager of Planning and Development. 


As approval of the Manager of Planning and Development, expenses incurred while serving in Committee capacity may be reimbursed, as per Town policy.




The Municipal Act shall bind the members of the Committee as it relates to confidentiality, conflict of interest, closed sessions, and any other requirement under the Act, which pertain to the conduct of officials.


Indemnities to Committee Members and Others


Committee members shall be covered by the municipality's general liability insurance policy as it relates to Committees of Council's activities.


Review and Update of the Terms of Reference


The Terms of Reference are established and approved by Council and can only be altered by Council.  


Approved by Council this 22nd Day of March, 2011 by By-Law No. 2011-28